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Do you sell guns?
No, we only sell parts and gun parts kits. Our kits do not include receivers (the legally regulated part of a gun) and are therefore NOT functioning firearms. Our parts kits come vacuum sealed in packaging that isolates each component, allowing for easy removal of individual parts as needed. The rest remain protected; moisture and dust-free.  
How are your kits packaged, and what do they include?
Each EveryGunPart kit comes in our unique vacuum sealed packaging. Unlike other sellers, EGP's packaging isolates each component, allowing for easy removal of individual parts as needed. The rest remain protected; moisture and dust-free. All parts included in a kit are found pictured on our website. Likewise, any components NOT pictured are not included. All parts kits sold on this site do not include a receiver. No firearms are sold on this site.  
Where do your parts kits come from?
Our parts kits come from a number of sources including distributors, private collections, and governmental auctions around the world. No history of prior ownership or use of our parts is obtained by EGP.  
Can I own "XYZ" parts kit in my state?
EveryGunPart will ship to anyone, anywhere in the continental United States. We sell gun parts--and NOT guns. As we never sell receivers (the legally regulated part of a gun), our kits are legal to own in most U.S. jurisdictions. However, state and city regulations vary widely, so it is your responsibility to check municipal, state, or federal guidelines for your particular jurisdiction before ordering.  
What is a parts kit?
A gun parts kit is a kit of firearm parts without the receiver (the legally regulated part of a gun). They are intended for repair and restoration of existing firearms. They are NOT functioning firearms. No firearms are sold on this site. All parts kits are sold as-is and include everything pictured."What you see is what you get". NFA rules may apply to some parts kits.  
Why doesn't your website list each part included in every parts kit?
We at EGP have designed and built a unique state of the art processing facility from the ground up. From acquisition to packaging to shipping, we've streamlined every step of our workflow to quickly and efficiently bring our stock to you. It is this efficiency which allows us to provide a wide selection, while passing the savings on to our customers. In that effort, we are unable to provide a detailed description and parts list for our kits at this time. We do not break up parts kits. 
How can I find a specific item on your site?
From anywhere on our website, start typing into the Search box found at the top of the page. On mobile devices, click the magnifying glass and a search box will appear. For a narrower search, try our Advanced Search page.Everything currently available at our warehouse is online at all times. 
Is my item in stock?
Inventory on EveryGunPart.com is live, so if it’s on the website, it’s in stock. However, each item is unique, so don’t wait to purchase if you see something that you want. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. 
The product I want is sold out. Can I email you and be notified when a particular item comes in?
At this time, we do not provide automatic product notification. We recommend visiting our site regularly and subscribing to our e-mail list for the very latest product info, special promotions and announcements. 
Can you help me with my build or project?
We at EveryGunPart are best suited to supplying you with the parts kits you need and cannot provide assistance with builds or repairs. For information on assembly, your local gunsmith and YouTube can be valuable resources. YouTube hosts countless videos on repairing just about every gun out there. Parts may require additional fitting. We recommend professional gunsmith installation and inspection prior to use. 
Will you buy my stuff?
We might! Email us a list of what you have available, and we will get back to you. Please include the following in your email: Images of each item. Description for each item including: manufacturer, model, and condition. Your asking price for each item.    
Where can I find a / can you help me find a….
Our entire stock is available online, included in a parts kit or in our OEM section. To find out if a particular part will fit your firearm, we recommend the manufacturer's website, Google and other online resources such as forums and gunsmithing sites. Contacting a licensed gunsmith directly can also be helpful. 
Where can I get a receiver?
EGP only sells parts kits intended for repair of existing firearms. We do not sell receivers or firearms. Good sources for receivers can include: online auction sites, local gunsmiths, and gun shops. 
Does this particular item fit my gun?
EGP makes every effort to provide as much information as possible on every item we carry--from the descriptions to photographs, measurements and specifications. Before ordering, we strongly suggest carefully reviewing all product photos and details on the product page. If you still have questions about a particular parts kit, email us the make, model, caliber, and any other important details. 
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