My payment was declined or my payment failed. "Gateway error".

All payment declines are determined solely by your card issuer. EGP has no control over this process. Typing mistakes can also cause your card to be declined. Carefully check your information and submit your order again. Contact your card issuer if declines persist.

Be aware that repeated failed attempts to charge your card may result in repeated card authorizations. Some card issuers can take up to 10 business days to remove authorizations but you can verify this by contacting your card issuer. EGP has no control over this process.

Some tips for a successful checkout

  • Be sure your credit card has not expired.
  • Check for spelling, card number and expiration date errors.
  • Ensure your billing address is correct. Contact your card issuer for confirmation.
  • If you're still experiencing difficulty, contact your card issuer or choose a different payment method to complete your order.


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