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Do you sell guns?
No, we only sell parts and gun parts kits. Our kits do not include receivers (the legally regulated part of a gun) and are therefore NOT functioning firearms...
How are your kits packaged, and what do they include?
Each EveryGunPart kit comes in our unique vacuum sealed packaging. Unlike other sellers, EGP's packaging isolates each component, allowing for easy removal...
Do you break up parts kits for individual sale?
No. We sell only parts kits as-is and do not separate individual parts for sale. Each EveryGunPart kit comes in our unique vacuum sealed packaging...
Where do your parts kits come from?
Our parts kits come from a number of sources including distributors, private collections, and governmental auctions around the world. EGP is not responsible...
What do the different "Condition" designations for each kit or part mean?
For Condition, we base our grading on the NRA grade book. However, we've omitted "Unissued" and "Like New" as each kit contains parts only. Please note...
What do the different "Completeness" designations for each kit or part mean?
Our Completeness grade gives you an overall idea of the condition of parts included in a kit. Please be aware that regardless of the Completeness classification...
What is a parts kit?
A gun parts kit is a kit of firearm parts without the receiver (the legally regulated part of a gun) or—in the case of revolvers—with a cut frame. They...
Why doesn't your website list each part included in every parts kit?
We at EGP have designed and built a unique state of the art processing facility from the ground up. From acquisition to packaging to shipping, we've streamlined...
How can I find a specific item on your site?
From anywhere on our website, start typing into the Search box found at the top of the page. On mobile devices, click the magnifying glass and a search...
The product I want is sold out. Can I email you and be notified when a particular item comes in?
At this time, we do not provide automatic product notification. We recommend visiting our site regularly and subscribing to our e-mail list for the very...
Can you help me with my build or project?
We at EveryGunPart are best suited to supplying you with the parts kits you need and cannot provide assistance with builds or repairs. For information...
Will you be getting in more of a particular item?
Almost every item sold on EveryGunPart.com is individually photographed, classified and posted as a unique, one-of-a-kind item. Once sold, they're gone...
When do you get in new product?
New stock is received and posted daily. Incoming merchandise varies and each item is unique. To ensure you're notified of new arrivals and promotions, ...
Can I pre-order an out of stock item?
Due to the variability in supply, we do not offer pre-irders on any of our product.    

What our customers say... "I purchased a parts kit from you for the first time last week and I just had to tell you how pleased I am with it!! Not just a pile of parts thrown in a box. Very professional packing and very fast shipping. I have already recommended you to many of my friends."

Michelle W.
McClure, PA
What our customers say... "I just want to commend your company on providing such a great product. I was expecting a “beater” that I would have to cleanup and have to ship out for professional re-finishing. Thanks for offering such an outstanding high quality product."

Cal M.
Raleigh, NC
What our customers say... "Package arrived today. Very nice stuff. Outstanding condition. Good job. Great replacement/spare parts. Thanks. You guys deserve credit for the effort you make to offer quality parts, hard to get replacement parts, and a parts kits selection for which you have no equal. Keep up the great work you do to make these kits available to those individuals that know what good is. I salute you."

Michael G.
North Wales, PA
What our customers say... "I figured I'd say thanks to the whole company for providing these parts. Five stars. The packaging is easily the best I've
ever seen."

Joshua A.
Lincoln Park, MI
What our customers say... "I really like working with your company. Everyone is professional, fast, and friendly and you are appreciated by the gun builder community."

Scott G.
Manassas, VA
What our customers say... "I bought a parts kit for my dad as a birthday present. Ended up getting him a t-shirt too. He was super happy. Very good service and terrific packaging!"

Linda N.
San Bernadino, CA
What our customers say... "I'm not a big spender but they have good sales and good customer service. Been happy with my purchases."

Ethan P.
Miami, FL
What our customers say... "I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! You guys are doing a fantastic job! The parts are exactly what is pictured and shipping is super fast!!!"

Happy Customer Harry
Star, ID
What our customers say... "I received the item I ordered on time. Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the future. I will be ordering more for sure and again, I appreciate your business."

James M.
San Francisco, CA
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