Technical Support

I'm having problems with the website. Who can I talk to?
First, please check our troubleshooting page for helpful tips. If you're still having trouble, email us here and we’ll work with you to help get it resolved.  
How can I find a specific item on your site?
From anywhere on our website, start typing into the Search box found at the top of the page. On mobile devices, click the magnifying glass and a search box will appear. For a narrower search, try our Advanced Search page.Everything currently available at our warehouse is online at all times. 
Is my item in stock?
Inventory on is live, so if it’s on the website, it’s in stock. However, each item is unique, so don’t wait to purchase if you see something that you want. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. 
The product I want is sold out. Can I email you and be notified when a particular item comes in?
At this time, we do not provide automatic product notification. We recommend visiting our site regularly and subscribing to our e-mail list for the very latest product info, special promotions and announcements. 
I can't access your website.
If you're unable to access any of our web pages, you may be visiting our site through a proxy or a VPN, which can cause connection problems. We suggest trying the following: Temporarily disable any proxy or VPN server connection you may be using and try visiting our site again. If you're able to load the page, try logging in again here If that doesn't work, try clearing your web browser's cache. Instructions can be found here: You can also search Google for "reset browser cache", followed by the name of your web browser. Try using a different web browser. Google Chrome and Firefox are the most reliable. Try using a different device. If you're on a desktop, try using a mobile phone with Wi-fi turned off. This will force it to use a different route to get to our website. And if none of the above are successful, let us know and we'll see what else we can find. 
Getting started: How to place your first order.
To place an order on, you need to have a confirmed account. Creating an Account You can create an account here (be sure to carefully enter your correct email address): Once you've submitted the page, an email will be sent to the email address you provided for confirmation. Click the link included in that email and create a password, if requested. Once completed, you're ready to shop and place online orders.     If you don't receive your welcome email, be sure to allow email from addresses through any spam filters you may have.   Gmail users: check "Social", "Promotions", and "Updates" folders for your welcome email   If You're Having Trouble Here are some tips if you're having trouble registering on our website: Be sure to allow email from addresses through any spam filters you may have. This will allow future email from us to be delivered. Check your email inbox after registering for your confirmation email and click the link inside. You'll be automatically logged in and can begin shopping. If you don't receive your welcome email, be sure to allow email from addresses through any spam filters you may have. Gmail users: check "Social", "Promotions", and "Updates" folders for email from EveryGunPart.   If you're still having trouble, check our troubleshooting page for helpful tips.  
Using discount or coupon codes at checkout.
To apply a discount (coupon) code during checkout, click the "Apply Discount Code" dropdown on our Payment page and paste or type in your code:     Click the "Apply Discount" button. Your new total will appear.   Complete your order by selecting a payment method and clicking the "Place Order" button.  
My payment was declined. Or my payment failed. "Gateway error".
All declined payments are determined solely by your card issuer. EGP has no control over this process. Mistakes in entry can also cause declines. Check your payment information and submit the order again. Contact your card issuer if declines persist. 
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